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Treading Icy Waters- A Local Rescue Tale

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Hopefully, for those of you who have the day off, you were able to enjoy the extended weekend with family or doing something else fun and exciting : )

We’ve spent the last couple of days enjoying the time with family out at the ocean. The weather hasn’t been super wonderful all the time, a little rain here and there, but nothing to really complain about. I’ll put up pictures sometime this week of our lazy adventures!

This Monday, for our Rescue series, we have a rescue that is actually pretty close to home for us. Our rescue of the day actually happened in Kingston, WA, a town pretty close to where I’m at, so I decided to cover that one for our story.

This story is one with a happy ending, thanks to a brave firefighter and the help of bystanders. Jim Argo and his blind Samoyed, Inge, were waiting for their normal morning ferry ride when Jim let her out of the car to go potty. Inge mis-stepped and found herself in the cold water while her panicked owner tried to cox her to safety. This 11 year old pooch paddled towards where she thought he was, but the water steered her away from safety.

Attempted rescue with a pole near the docks.

Jim and bystanders tried their hardest to snare her with a rescue pole, but were unable to bring her to safety. Kingston Fire and Rescue arrived on the scene and one brave firefighter suited up in a ice water rescue suit and took the plunge into the frigid waters to try and help the quickly tiring Inge.

Inge’s wet fur proved to weigh her down too much for the rescue team to be able to pull the pair to safety with a ladder. They resorted to a more clever method of lowering a stretcher to the water and, after a few tries, lifted the exhausted Sammie to safety.

The Kingston Fire and Rescue team proved to be heroes to this worried owner, Inge, and the bystanders who stood by watching and helping with the rescue. A quick trip to the vet’s office and Inge was confirmed to be no worse for the wear other than being chilled.

Thankfully, this tale had a happy ending and everything turned out well in the end. However, had those brave firefighters not stepped forward to help, this story could have had a very different ending. It’s stories like this that make me even more grateful that these wonderful men and women dedicate themselves and risk their lives to keeping people, and their beloved animals, safe whenever they can. The look of gratitude on Inge’s face as the firefighter holds onto her says it all- she knows that she’s in safe hands and that she’ll be helped to safety.

That’s all I’ve got for you today though, so enjoy the rest of your Monday and thanks for dropping by! The full story can be read here: Don’t forget to scroll over to that sidebar and click on the FreeKibble banner! They have donated over 10, 150, 092 meals to shelters and the count will only keep increasing with your help!


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  1. Glad it worked out!

    May 28, 2013 at 4:25 am

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