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Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Welcome back to another week of animal stories, Xeva updates, animal pictures, and more! Hopefully, everyone was able to do something enjoyable over the weekend and relax for a little bit. We had a blast at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium on Saturday and you can check out the pictures (including a baby tiger cub) on yesterday’s post! The Love of a Dog also now has a Facebook page, so click that like button on the sidebar and show us some love! I try to post a new picture or story at least once or twice a day as I try to figure out the new technology 😛

We’re kickstarting the week with our Rescue series. I’ve got one sad story that has a very happy ending for three close friends and, as the title implies…They’re a fairly well mixed trio and one you certainly don’t see every day.

From left to right: Shere Kahn, Leo, and Baloo.

Three predators live together happily as their own little hodgepodge family. Baloo, an American Black Bear, lives alongside Leo, the Lion and Shere Kahn, the Tiger. 12 years ago, this trio was rescued from the hands of drug cartel leaders who had apparently thought that purchasing these three wild animals would be fun. During a drug raid in 2001, these three cubs were rescued from their clutches and taken under state care until they were placed in their current home. Why people think owning wild animals is a show of power, fun, or even a good idea, is beyond me. They’re wild for a reason and you’re taking them from their natural habitats on a whim just because it’s ‘cool’ to have an animal in your possession that would otherwise be labeled as ‘wild.’ Anyways, these three friends were taken in with open arms by the founder of Noah’s Ark in Georgia, and have remained in their care since they were first rescued.

Baloowas the worst off of the trio, having come to the Ark with a harness embedded in his skin from his previous owners. He underwent a surgery to remove the harness, successfully, and was able to grow to his full adult size and carry out his life with his companions as he wanted. The caretakers were worried for the first several years about any discord that could appear between the animals, but soon determined that they would be able to co-habitat peacefully with one another. As one would expect, they do have occasional disagreements, but the obvious love that is shared that binds these three together is what prevents them from having any serious fights- nothing more than an annoyed or playful tussle from time to time.

As for the organization and caretakers who watch over these creatures, they are some of the most wonderful and caring people that are out there. They obviously love and care for each animal that lives with them. They have ensured that these three friends will be able to live out their lives with one another until they pass on, and look forward to many more years of caring for this amazing group of companions.

I can only imagine that the situation that brought these three together initially is what bound them together so closely. How else would you expect three so wildly different animals to live together and be such close companions. I can’t think that if they had met under any different circumstances that the situation would be what it is today.

For the full story and interviews with the keepers of these three, I’ve included the video down below. Give it a watch and enjoy watching these guys play and interact with one another. This was one animal rescue that was truly unique in every way possible. As always, don’t forget to do your FreeKibble question of the day and feed those shelter animals! Just scroll on over to the sidebar and click the banner!


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  1. That is pretty amazing!

    May 22, 2013 at 4:35 am

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