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The Tally- Show Some Love!

Hello dear readers,

I know I’ve been awfully absent, and I promise to make it up to you in the near future. Sorry this is so completely out of the blue but I have a favor to ask all of you wonderful, helpful folks out there.

A fellow author hopeful was brought to my attention in the last few days. She recently sent in the story she’s been working on for 10 years to the publishers. The publisher is interested in it but wants to know how much hype can be generated around it, but she only has 5 DAYS to make an impression! All I’m asking is that you head to the site, poke around a bit, then fill out the quiz. Likes, Shares, etc. would be AMAZING and would mean the world to her.

Facebook Page:

Please, click the link (on website and below), take the quiz, help a fellow writer/author hopeful fulfill her dream!

Even if this book isn’t your cup o’ tea, it would be amazing to have some support shown for her. All it takes is a few minutes of your time to fill out the survey and help her win over the publishers.

Survey from FB Page:


Thanks all, you guys are amazing!

– Anastasia



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