You are never given the dog you want, but the dog you need.

Cooking with Puppies

Now that I think about it…Maybe not the best title in the world. More acurately  (and less like I’m making food out of puppies) would be “Cooking with Puppies Playing in the Kitchen.”

Today has been a good day all in all.

Went on a nice little run this morning with Bella and now she’s passed out on the floor while I type this. Even though it was sprinkling out this morning, it was still a nice little run. Never let it be said that I’m only a fair weather runner!  Little gal isn’t much better, although she is happily huffing the air vent currently. Don’t know what’s so interesting down there, but hey, whatever keeps her entertained for a few minutes.

Life is tough when you’re a dog, isn’t it?

So many toys and friends to play with, so little time…

How to solve this?

Well, obviously it means that you pile up all your toys at once so that they’re ready for anyone who might come along!

Xeva proved quite skilled at that, both last night and this afternoon. She’s learned that two of the little bone shaped plushy toys that her and Bella share are the perfect size to cram in your mouth. At the same time.

Ah well. She looks cute and silly all at once, and that’s what matters, right?

She’s learning the joys of belly rubs, treats (although she’s not the carrot fiend like Bella, so I get to keep most of mine for once), and the fun of playing on the slippery kitchen floor with her big sister.

She’s even doing better with not pottying in the house =] She’s managed to make it the whole day so far (fingers crossed to unjinx myself) without a single accident, so I’d count that as progress!

Alright, back to the cooking in the kitchen.

I had a little brain child recipe bloom in my head today, so I decided to make it and see how it turned out.

I love oatmeal, peanut butter, and bananas, so I thought- Why not mix it together?

In bar form. Because bars are the perfect on the go way to eat things like this. And who doesn’t like bars? That’s right, no one.

So, I made Oatmeal Peanut Butter Banana Bars. And they smell amazing.

Oatmeal Peanut Butter Banana Bars!

But, I had company while I was making this concoction. A shadow if you will. One that, like a shadow, was there every time I turned around and was constantly sniffing at my heels as I moved.

You’re not going anywhere without me knowing about it. I’ll trip you first!

I think she was getting frustrated though. Each time she would settle on the ground and get all comfy, I would move and wander off to get something and she’d have to move again.

Follow to the fridge, lay down. Back to the counter, lay down. Over to the pantry, lay down. Back to the counter, flop down with a heavy sigh.

Finally, she just lay by the counter and waited for me to come back, all while watching with sad, hangdog eyes.

Not to mention all the hopeful toy squeaks. Whenever there was a toy close by, she had to stretch out and nab it before giving it a few well deserved nibbles. Bella just lay by the stove and watched quietly.

If dogs could roll their eyes, Bella’s would have been.

Sheesh… What a goof…

Not to mention that whistling is fascinating to her apparently =] I had Pandora playing the Blackmore’s Night station in the background and she thought that me whistling and singing along was the most interesting thing ever. Dropped her toy and everything. I’m not sure if that means she was horrified by it or if she was having fun trying to figure out where it was coming from…

But we had fun. and that’s what matters in the end!

I’ll let you all know tomorrow how the bars ended up tasting, but in the meantime- Don’t forget to do your FreeKibble for the day! Just click over to the sidebar and go take your daily quizzes and help feed some hungry shelter animals!

Whatcha doing? Can I see and maybe steal it from you? Can I?



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