You are never given the dog you want, but the dog you need.

Making a Difference, One Dog at a Time.

Today, I want to share a wonderful group of dog lovers with you all- The Love-A-Bull organization.

Based out of Austin, Texas- this group of awesome people work hard, each and every day, so that people might better understand these misunderstood breeds.

The breeds that they work with aren’t restricted purely to “Pit Bulls”. They work with all different types of breeds- the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier, and any other “Bull” mix. People often mislabel all of these dogs under the title of “Pit Bull”.

The common misconception is that these dogs are all inherently vicious, but this amazing group is dedicated to proving that this is not so. These dogs are all as big of cuddle bugs as yours or mine, and they deserve to be loved just as dearly.

Their commitments, as displayed on their site here, is to inform the general masses about proper ownership of these dogs, turning around the negative image that is associated with these breeds, to fight against Breed-Discriminatory Legislation that targets them, and more. You can read their full mission statement by following the link above.

In addition to doing rescue and rehabilitation work, they also offer FREE training to their Meet Up members who have paid their membership dues. If you’re in the area and are interested in joining, click the Meet Up link above! For only $25, you’re getting a great deal and you’re helping out a fantastic cause. If anyone out there has paid for classes with their pooch, you know that it can add up, and you know how great this is!

They’re giving you every opportunity to make your “Pit Bull” into a role model for its breed and to help change common opinion.

They also offer a certification program that is familiar to many of us in the showing world- the Canine Good Citizen. This program was created by the AKC to reward those dogs who displayed good manners both at home and in public.

They’ve got some great events going on- one of which I think is pretty awesome. In an effort to showcase their cause a bit more and to help people better understand these great pups, an “all pittie” therapy dog program has been launched!

I can hardly think of a better way for them to show a positive side to the public. Not only are they helping heal and rehabilitate people who need it, they’re proving that these dogs are not what people believe them to be.

They can be just as sweet and caring as any other dog, despite what society paints them as.

I can fully support what this great group is doing. I for one, see both the negative and positive image of these breeds, but I refuse to label them all as “bad dogs.”

They’re not.

Some, based on selective genetic breeding and conditioning, are more disposed to aggression. However, these dogs are often bred and trained by less reputable breeders or “backyard breeders.”

I can’t fault entire breeds based off of that kind of knowledge.

I believe that a dog will be as well, or poorly, trained as they are raised to be. If you train your dog to be aggressive towards strangers, then yes, you perpetuate the stereotype. But if you take the time to train you dog to know that strangers shouldn’t receive hostile behavior- and you continually reinforce positive behavior- then you are creating a role model for your dogs breed.

So, on that note, I hope you stop by their site and browse around! They really are a great group of people. If you want to read more about an equally great part of the Love-A-Bull organization, check out “Love and A Six Foot Leash.” The link is found under my “Blogs to Check Out!” category in the sidebar. Join in the lives of Snickerdoodle and the Chick, and their great family! You won’t be disappointed, I promise!

Don’t forget to do your FreeKibble questions of the day! Link to the site can also be found in my sidebar- just click the FreeKibble banner!

Any and all information contained here (other than my own opinions) is the property of Love-A-Bull, Inc. and is used purely for educational purposes. Image credit goes to:


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