You are never given the dog you want, but the dog you need.

I’m Alive!!!

Well, kind of.

Mentally and physically exhausted, fighting a cold, sleep deprived, I’m done with my week and a half of stress.

For those of you who missed the reason for my absence- I had an insane amount of classwork to get done before this last Tuesday, and I’ve been in L.A for the last few days. Which was awesome! But at the same time, a little disappointing.

I say disappointing only because I would have liked to have not been one of the people who was selected to go back early should our men or ladies lose that first seed game, but that’s the luck of the draw. It’s just a little sad to see everyone talking about the awesome things they did yesterday and the texts about how great our ladies are doing.

You know what I did while you were all having fun there? I was waiting in LAX, stressing over my instrument being properly handled, whether or not we would have a flight or not after we deplaned without leaving, if my car was fixed yet, and if I would get my final paper turned in on time (it was due this morning, and until I got home, I had no internet…that was unexpected).

But still, I hope that everyone’s having a good time cheering on our ladies. They’re causing quite an upset, coming from being in the 11th seat and managing to disrupt the expectations by making it to the semifinals today! That being said…I’m proud of our ladies, and wish them the best of luck today!


Also…A shout out to a rather special lady. I would like to wish my closest friend and the lady who has known me since kindergarten, a happy 22 birthday!

To Alison- You’re by far one of the best friends I could have ever asked for, and you’ve been there through the thick and the thin with me. We’ve had our laughs and our tears, but we’ve always been there for one another. So, here’s to you my dear! Enjoy your birthday tonight and I’m very sorry that I can’t be there to celebrate with you- but I promise you that I’ll be there in spirit! I’ve got your gift and everything, I just need to send it…You know me though, Bale time means that you’ll get it either next week…or within a month 😛 Much love to you pretty lady and I can’t wait to see you again!

And now, shout out being done, I’m going to go find some cold medicine that might stop my nose from running like a blown water main…I swear, my nose is going to fall off from how much I’ve blown it in the last 24 hours. Stories of the trip to come over the weekend!

Have fun and be safe this weekend!



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