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My. Oh. My. What a Night…

*Disclaimer: This is a bit of a rant/ramble. But, it’s amusing, I promise.*

Have I got a tale for you guys today…Man oh man, was it an experience. I can honestly say that the boy and I’s dinner date nights are never dull, and this one certainly didn’t disappoint…

So, as we’re both a bit busy tonight, we decided to move our usual Friday date night relaxer to last night. On a whim, we chose Sangria in Moscow as our destination of choice, as the boy was feeling steak and I was indecisive as usual.

First, we got seated in the awkward spot. There were people in the tables beside and behind us, which is fine, but the way the tables were arranged was kind of ridiculous. After politely asking our server if she would mind giving us one of the booths by the wall, she gladly switched us from her busy section to another servers section. Our new waiter was an absolutely wonderful guy, but the family who sat down next to us didn’t think so.

To head off the night, their drinks were late. According to them, they had been waiting “over 20 minutes,” which I found very interesting since they arrived after us and we hadn’t even been there for 20 minutes. Tuning out the rude dad as best we could, boy and I ordered (Frutti di Mare for me, Blue Cowboy steak as usual for him) and got our drinks and appetizer. Now, we all know that when you order a Medium steak, it’s going to be pink, right? Yes? Good. This comes into play later.

So, now that we were done ordering, I amused myself with making faces with the little girl of the family next to us. She was cute as a button, curly blonde hair, blue eyes and all. After last night ended, I can truly say that I hope she takes after her mom and not her dad. If she does take after him, she’s going to be one of those people that I hate in 20 years.

The mom and dad both ordered the same steak as my boy, medium well and medium respectively (the tables were close together and they weren’t exactly quiet, thus how I know all this…). Then, after our waiter has explained to them that the medium well will take longer to cook than the other, the husband starts complaining after oh, five minutes about how those steaks are taking forever.

Really, dude? You guys just ordered. Take a chill pill and enjoy the night out with your family.

It’s not as though the little girl was screaming her head off the whole night. She was happy to play with her mom’s phone and chatter at her mom. Although, I do question why you would choose to go to such a place for dinner knowing that they don’t have a children’s menu (and they must have known that since they kept saying how often they came there) and then complaining about the lack of kid friendly meals.

Luckily, the waiter was nice enough to put in an order for plain spaghetti for them, so that was nicely resolved. Then, the food came. Oh. My. Goodness. Let the complaining begin anew! Remember what I said about the medium done steak? He had the audacity to complain that it was pink. Umm, I’m sorry. Did you miss that memo on how a Medium done steak is supposed to look? Because for ordering it all the time, I don’t think that you really do.

So, dad sends it back with a verbal assault on the poor waiter, mom contentedly eats hers. Which had pink and she was fine with it, might I add. Dad then turns down any offers for another meal and instead orders dessert to go for them. Then, he looks at boy’s steak that he’s happily chowing down on, and remarks how “that steak looks exactly like mine should have.”


I hate stupid people sometimes. And I say that as an occasionally stupid person myself.

After what seems like an eternity of the dad brow beating our poor waiter, the family leaves. Our server comes over after we had finished and takes our plates, drops off the check, etc. Then, he reappears with a dessert that we hadn’t ordered and sets it down in front of us. He starts talking to us and in all honesty, he was a great guy. Very nice and polite, but as perplexed as we were about why someone would act that way when it was in fact what he ordered and when he was just choosing to be an ass in front of his whole family.

Now, what was this delicious dessert, you might ask? Crème Brulee. Which I love.

But here’s the best part of the evening. Was it normal crème brulee? Oh no. It was SWEET POTATO crème brulee. For those of you who know me, you know how much I loathe that food. For those of you who don’t know me, a little bit of back story for a moment.

I was maybe 7/8 years old and we had gone to Thanksgiving in Yakima where my mom’s family lived. I ended up trying sweet potato casserole for the first time and thought it was kind of yummy. Then what happened? I promptly threw it all up and spent the next several hours doing so. Since then, I’ve never been able to bear the smell or taste of the stuff. Just the slightest whiff or taste is enough to send my tummy into burbly land. That V8 Fruit Juice stuff? It’s in there. Near the bottom, but it’s in there. I can’t stand to drink it.

Story moment done and we’re back in the present.

So, I worked hard to keep the look of utter revulsion off my face as our waiter explained that they were trying out this new combination. I could see the boy starting to smirk out of the corner of my eye as he tried not to laugh. Finally, our waiter leaves us to try it and boy starts laughing.

We tried it, and I have to admit it wasn’t bad. I didn’t eat a lot of it and my stomach wasn’t very pleased afterwards, but it wasn’t bad. I wasn’t going to say no to free crème brulee! Thus, our date night ended. We left a nice tip and I put a sweet note at the bottom of the slip telling our server that the food was, in fact, delicious, and that he had been a wonderful server.

Moral of the story? Don’t be a jerk when you sit next to me in a restaurant or I’ll rant about you the next day. No, but seriously, don’t be rude to your servers guys. All that results in is spit on food. Didn’t you learn that lesson from Waiting? “Don’t f*** with the people who handle your food.”

And that pretty much wraps it up for today! Don’t forget to click the FreeKibble button in the sidebar so that some hungry shelter animals can have a full belly!


5 responses

  1. Nicole

    a person who is nice to you, but not nice to the waiter is not a nice person.

    February 24, 2012 at 10:56 am

    • Nicole, I agree completely. He was just so rude to the poor guy and it really wasn’t deserved. He just was not a nice person in general.

      February 24, 2012 at 3:57 pm

  2. Cowboy

    To bad you couldn’t get a name to rant about too !

    Sure makes you wonder about people at times……….

    February 24, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    • It does indeed, Cowboy…It does indeed. He was just such a callous individual. In a college town, you’ve got kids doing their best to support themselves through their schooling, so rudeness to someone who is obviously in that boat makes no sense to me.

      February 24, 2012 at 3:59 pm

  3. It’s too bad that guy probably won’t read this post and recognize himself. Poor family that has to put up with him every day.

    February 25, 2012 at 8:27 pm

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