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Oly: A Tale of Survival

It’s Tuesday again, and you know what that means! Today’s post centers on the tale of yet another extraordinary pooch and his determination to survive against the odds.

Tales of animal devotion and loyalty are not uncommon in human history, but each time a new one appears or I read about one that was previously unknown to me, I feel a renewed sense of wonder at our four legged companions. The tale of Rin TinTin, Hachiko and Greyfrair’s Bobby never cease to create a warm fuzzy feeling while at the same time inspiring a sense of somberness. These animals will forever grace the halls of humanity’s history as loyal and devoted companions who did great or remarkable things during their time on this earth. Our tale of the day is no less inspiring or saddening in its entirety.

Our canine story of the day goes to a tenacious Corgi named Oly. This little guy managed to dig his way out of an avalanche that took the life of one of his masters. While his two owners were on a cross country skiing trip, Oly following gamely along behind them, an avalanche from Index Peak behind them filled the creek drainage with over 12 feet of snow.

When she was unable to find sign of her husband or their devoted companion, Kerry Gaillard was forced to return to the nearby Cookie City in the hopes that a rescue team would be able to find them.

Over four days later, a Corgi was noticed outside of the hotel room where the family had stayed the night before the ski trip. Oly’s family was notified and was reunited with them.

This poor little guy managed to dig himself out of over 3 feet of snow from where he had been swept downhill over 50 feet from his deceased owner and then walked all the way back to the last place he remembered his people being. When you stop and think about it, that must have been a long journey for this short legged pooch…

When faced with a story such as this, my heart goes out to the Gaillard family during this time of loss. Yet, the miraculous return of their beloved pet must bring some comfort at least. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been, thinking that you had lost not only your spouse but also your loyal companion. Only through Oly’s determination to survive and return to his family, wherever they had gone, is there a bright light to this otherwise tragic tale.

In the video, this little guy seems mostly unfazed by the heartbreaking story that surrounded his return. He appears to be delighted to be back with his family and I can only imagine that he’ll be providing some much needed love to them during this time of need. After all, what better companion to have in this situation than a furry friend who will listen to your sadness without interrupting or doing anything other than licking your face occasionally and snuggling with you?

For the video and the full story, click here.


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