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Trips Down a Snow Covered Lane

As I sit in the library and look out on a snow covered play field, I can’t help but think of how fun it would be to romp through the snow with a furry buddy. I’ve always loved playing in the snow (although driving in it is another part entirely) and over the years of my family owning dogs, there has yet to be one that doesn’t love the snow at least a little.

Our first dog, a Samoyed cross absolutely adored playing in the white fluff. She would dive into it with the enthusiasm of a small child, burrowing deep under drifts until you couldn’t see her anymore. Then, when you least expected it, she would pop up, covered in snow with a small mound of it resting on her black nose. I remember countless mornings growing up where we would go out to play with her and not be able to find her. Only once we started calling for her did the snow start to shift and her cream colored head would pop out of the snow where she had been sleeping. Ginger’s enthusiasm for the snow never flagged, even as she grew older. She was at home in it and nothing would keep her from enjoying every second of it.

Our second dog, a Lab/Rottie/German Shepherd cross was slightly less enthusiastic about the snow, but still enjoyed it nonetheless. Missy wasn’t a huge fan of that cold white slush falling from the sky. All she knew was that every time we would throw that strange white ball, it would disappear into that white stuff covering the ground and she could never find her ball! Still, she played along gamely for hours, barking occasionally as she followed us up and down the hill on the sleds. She never allowed us to leave her sight for long, her sweet black face popping up next to us as my brother and I tumbled in the snow. I remember how that dangerous tail of hers would wipe swatches of snow from the ground behind her when she got tired of wading through snow and plowing a path with her chest so that we could follow her.

Disney and Daphne shared an equal dislike of the way in which the snow would make their feet wet. If Ginger was the Queen of our snow lovers, then Disney and Daphne were the fickle Prince and Princess. Daphne was always fun to watch though as she tried to hunt for her furry mouse friends in the field. She would plow her nose through the snow, freeze, and then leap upwards, pouncing down with all of her might! Then she dug and dug through the cold snow for several long moments before looking back up at our laughing faces with such a disappointed look that we couldn’t help but feel sorry for her a little. Yet time and time again, she would repeat the same process, always coming back up with an expression akin to a pouting child.

Disney on the other hand, shared a love with his big buddy Missy. He would join her in games of finding the snowball, usually by eating at the snow around the area where it had fallen, and then looking confused when he still didn’t come across the ball. Because of his small height, it’s always amusing to watch him go bounding through the snow as he tries to keep his tummy dry. Both Daphne and him would look at the snow covered ground with disdain and then look at us as if to say, “You want me to actually go out and get my feet wet? I don’t think so!”

Last of all is Bella. Bell has always loved snorting around in the snow, much like Ginger, although without the sleeping in it. She is perfectly content romping in the yard with her old boy (who never wants to play with her…how dull!) and barking at anything that she thinks we need to be made aware of. Snow goes flying as she leaps along the fence line, her red coat sparkling with flecks of powder as it settles around her. She always comes inside with a huge grin on her face, ready to play more now that there are people to play with instead of that boring little terrier who growls at her as she bowls him over!

My trips down the snowy memory lane complete, what are some of your favorite snow memories with your pets? What kind of antics have your animals done over the years while playing in that cold white stuff falling from the sky?

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  1. Max goes absolutely ballistic if you try to pick up any snow while he’s around. I’ve never seen a dog get that excited just by picking something up.

    January 23, 2012 at 11:11 am

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