You are never given the dog you want, but the dog you need.

Remember That I Love You

As I made my first step into the somewhat daunting world of blogging, I first had to decide on a topic. This was probably the most challenging part, more so than choosing a name, a theme, or figuring out what in the world a widget it (I still have no idea). No, choosing a topic was the hard part. There are so many topics to choose from; my love of books, music, and art, my fascination with all things involving baking, cooking, and more. All of these flooded my brain as I attempted to come up with a solid topic that could sustain me. And then I came across an image that made the choice for me. Dogs. I have always loved these wonderful creatures, big or small, brilliant or goofy. Throughout my life, I have made dogs such an integral part of my life that the last four years of college have been strange without one. What image was it that decided my blog for me you ask?  This one right here.Image

This one image strikes a chord in me each and every time I see it. The lessons listed here are ones I feel most people, even the most avid of dog and animal lovers forget from time to time, myself included. As an owner of an elderly terrier myself who isn’t always in the peak of health, I’ve found myself wishing that, if anything were to happen, I wouldn’t be back home to have to face it. I love my old boy to  pieces and we’ve been a pair for the last 12 years of my life (over half of my life!), but as he’s finally hit the age of 15, I know my time with him is coming to a close. So, as I come to the end of my college experience and prepare to head back to my hometown, I can only hope that he waits for me to get back home. But enough blathering for now, before I make myself tear up.

These really are the ten most basic commandments any dog or animal owner should live by. Think of all the people who abandon a puppy because it is no longer ‘cute and fluffy’ upon entering adulthood. Think of all the animal abuse that shelters and vets deal with each day and the hard decisions they have to make. Think of that one friend you know who thinks that their dog is ‘untrainable’ and ‘unruly,’ when really, all the dog needs is a patient instructor who will work with them?

I walk around campus and constantly see students with dogs, teachers occasionally too, and they have some of the best behaved pets that I’ve met besides the ones I’ve had the pleasure to befriend while in AKC and 4-H. Odd to you? It is to me too. One would think that as busy as most college students are with schoolwork and whatnot, that they wouldn’t find time to raise a well trained and well behaved animal. Yet, every time that someone unleashes their dog on Thompson Flats to play with them, no matter the age of the dog, they always come straight back when their person calls them. Never fails to make me smile. Especially while watching the ones that have yet to grow into their feet go tumbling gracelessly down the hill as they try to capture their toy or romp with their buddies.

So, to wrap up this long and somewhat rambling first endeavor, I’ll bring this to a close. In short, love your dogs and any other pets that you might have, because you’re the one person that they should be able to count of to be there for them. Do that, and there is nothing that you can ask of them that they won’t try their hardest to do and they will return the love tenfold. Who doesn’t love sloppy puppy kisses and happy tails in return for a ‘Good boy’ or ‘Good girl’?

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